September 12, 2014, Friday


Autumn is my favorite season. Here are some pleasant images which float through my mind during this season:

The familiar aroma of new blue jeans; my mother always bought me new jeans in the fall to start school over in. 

Leaves burning around the neighborhoods as people raked their lawns (by hand).

The cozy feeling of our living room when the furnace kicked on for the first time of the season.

The arrival of Halloween and all the free candy apples and popcorn balls that people would put in our trick or treat sacks.  This was before people were paranoid about neighbors and home cooked treats.

A bonfire in the woods with hot dogs and marshmallows on coat hanger wires.

The following poem was written by Robert Louis Stevenson about autumn, which I thought might interest some of my readers, along with an image that demonstrates the beauty of my favorite season, autumn.

Autumn Fires
Robert Louis Stevenson (from A Child’s Garden of Verses, 1885)

 In the other gardens
   And all up the vale,
 From the autumn bonfires
   See the smoke trail!
 Pleasant summer over
   And all the summer flowers,
 The red fire blazes,
   The gray smoke towers.
 Sing a song of seasons!
   Something bright in all!
 Flowers in the summer,
   Fires in the fall! 

Image by Petritap (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Even though the official first day of autumn will not arrive until September 23rd this year, I am here to celebrate its arrival anyway.  Enjoy.